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makes my blood boil


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makes my blood boil Empty makes my blood boil

Post by pam

my mam passed away with cancer and just found this about a top doctor who has stabbed all those in their backs battling and fighting cancer. hope this guy gets sacked for what he has said.

A leading doctor and former editor of the prestigious British Medical Journal (BMJ) has claimed cancer is the best way to die.

Richard Smith believes the opportunity to reflect on life before it ends is important and urges charities and the medical world to "stop wasting billions trying to cure cancer".

"This is, I recognise, a romantic view of dying, but it is achievable with love, morphine, and whisky."

this guy is a total disgrace. Twisted Evil
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Post on Sat Jan 03, 2015 11:45 am by pkg1

I haven't seen the report to which you refer, but I fully agree that the if this top doctor did say this in public, it was crass insensitivity and plain stupid. Like you, I lost my mother and a younger sister to cancer, and if that was said to me personally, I would be extremely offended. and that's putting it mildly!

I currently have an uncle that is suffering from Leukemia. The regime of almost daily hospital visits for Chemotherapy, intravenous drug therapy or blood transfusions, just to keep his condition and quality of life stable, is physically very draining. I can only visit safely if free from any kind of everyday infection such as coughs, colds etc.

Cancer is definitely not the best way to die. I also believe that one day will be able to cure it for good and that money should be pumped in to achieve this aim.

It is true that some pain can be relieved with strong pain killing drugs, but I don't believe that pain can be eliminated entirely. Watching my mother in the last few hours of her life was just agony to watch, believe me. She was in obviously in great pain, sweating profusely, and completely unable to speak, but I was told that the pain-killing drugs were being given intravenously and continuously and at the maximum strength allowed. It is those final moments that I had with her, that will always stick in my memory.

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