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Wormhole beam us up Scotty


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Wormhole beam us up Scotty

Post by daniel

Milky Way wormholes could be a 'galactic transport system'

Based on the latest evidence and theories our galaxy could be a huge wormhole or space-time tunnel.

A giant doorway to another galaxy or universe may exist at the centre of the Milky Way, a study suggests. Scientists believe it would be possible to navigate through the wormhole, potentially a real-life version of the space-time tunnel portrayed in the hit movie Interstellar.

Wormholes allowing instantaneous travel between distant points in space and time, or even between different universes, are allowed under Einstein's theory of General Relativity.

But most scientists dismiss the idea of ever building one large and stable enough to pass through, and no natural examples have been detected.

yeh can't even get a man on the moon never mind space time travel. Evil or Very Mad
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