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colon cancer diet study


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colon cancer diet study Empty colon cancer diet study

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 28, 2015 9:02 pm

Diet swap experiment reveals junk food's harm to gut

A two-week diet swap experiment hints at just how damaging a Western diet might be to our guts.

Researchers asked people to switch diets for two weeks - 20 US volunteers moved to a low-fat, high-fibre diet while 20 volunteers from rural Africa were asked to eat more "junk" food.

Although the swap was brief, its impact was visible, Nature Communication says.

It is not possible to make any firm conclusions based on such a small study, say experts.

In the diet swap study, the Western-style diet given to the native African volunteers was typical junk or fast food - burgers and fries.

The US volunteers, meanwhile, where switched to a diet containing lots of pulses and beans.

All the participants had a barrage of medical tests before and after the diet change.
The dietary swaps appeared to cause significant changes to the cells lining the gut as well as the bacteria that live in the bowel - with the US volunteers faring better.

Experts estimate that up to a third of bowel cancer cases could be avoided by eating more healthily.

A spokesman for Cancer Research UK said larger and longer term studies were still needed.

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