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products for bed wetting


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products for bed wetting Empty products for bed wetting

Post by bluesheart

along with children, many adults still wet the bed and waking up with a wet mattress is not the way go there are incontinence products available to protect you along with your mattress.

Below are some of the products available for bed wetting plus for general incontinence.

There are many products for those who wet the bed ranging from bed pads to bed wetting nappies/diapers.

products for bed wetting Bedpad

Mattress Covers: A variety of products exist to protect the bed including vinyl, waterproof, and absorbing mattress covers or even sheet protectors, which can make clean-up easier.

Bed Wetting Alarms

There are two types of alarms:

products for bed wetting Bedwetting%20alarm

Wired bed wetting alarms.

Wireless bed wetting alarms.

Alarms can be very effective in reducing or stopping bed wetting. The idea is to trigger an alarm as soon as moisture is felt. Over a period of time the brain is trained to recognise the alarm and respond by controlling the bladder. Hopefully,after some time, the brain will react before urinating.

Incontinence Diapers/Nappies At Night

Using adult incontinence diapers/nappies at night does not help overcome the problem, but it does prevent soiling the bedclothes and waking to the discomfort of a soggy sheet. Adult diapers come in all sizes

A variety of adult diapers/nappies can be bought to suit all needs. They can be disposable or washable.

products for bed wetting Tranquilitydiapers

Disposable adult diapers/nappies can be bought as all in one pull up pants just like a normal pair of pants, or with adhesive tapes at the side. Pouch pants are available. Similar to ordinary pants they have a pouch to hold a disposable pad. Disposable pads shaped to suit men or woman and designed for heavy or light use can be used with the pouch pants or normal close fitting underwear. Close fitting stretch pants can also be bought to hold disposable pants in place.

Washable Adult Diapers/Nappies

products for bed wetting BirdseyePrefold5

One of the strongest arguments in favor of adult cloth diapers/nappies is that they are washable, and therefore reusable. If you have a serious incontinence problem, the ability to reuse the diaper/nappy may save you hundreds a year. Once you have purchased the adult cloth diapers/nappies and the plastic cover-up pants (to prevent leakage), you can simply wash, dry and reuse them. With disposable diapers/nappies, you do not have the option of washing or reusing.

products for bed wetting Gummihose

Another positive outcome of using adult cloth diapers/nappies, as opposed to using disposable diapers/nappies, is lessening the negative impact on the environment.

Every incontinence sufferer will have his or her opinion on which is best. Disposable diapers/nappies can be much more convenient and accessible. At the same time, they are more expensive in the long run. Adult cloth diapers/nappies can be reused and you are only spending money once to buy your supplies.
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Post on Sun May 31, 2015 11:34 pm by SueAnn

I did not know that bed wetting alarms existed. It's very interesting that they can be used to condition the brain to control the bladder. I always thought that incontinence, at a certain point in an older adult's life, was a purely physiological thing. Are these alarms very expensive?

Post on Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:14 am by Admin

there are loads of sites selling these alarms, prices do vary so it is best to shop around.

the idea is fairly simple when the sensor detects wetness it then triggers the alarm waking the person up, in theory but it can take a while for them to work and it can also be hit and miss.

my step sister had real problems with this and it took quite a few years to work.


Post on Wed Jul 29, 2015 4:19 pm by mandee

I am not familiar with the alarms but it is pretty interesting to see how far technology has come. When our grandmother lived with us until she passed we used a medium sized pad. The only problem was trying to find one that did not shift a lot, if you can find one that sticks that is what worked best for us.

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