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Sigmoidoscopy? Empty Sigmoidoscopy?

Post by Admin on Mon May 11, 2015 8:50 pm

Sigmoidoscopy the fear of god, 2 types flexible and rigid, there have been some calls banning the practice of the latter.

If you have had Sigmoidoscopy let our forum know about your experience good or bad comments welcome.

A sigmoidoscope is a small tube with an attached light source about the thickness of your finger.

A doctor or nurse inserts the sigmoidoscope into the anus and pushes it slowly into the rectum and sigmoid colon. This allows the doctor or nurse to see the lining of the rectum and sigmoid colon. The procedure is not usually painful but it may be a little uncomfortable.

There are two types of sigmoidoscopes that can be used. The most commonly used is the flexible sigmoidoscope. This instrument allows your doctor to see around bends in the colon. A flexible sigmoidoscope gives doctors a better view of the lower colon and usually makes the examination more comfortable.

Sigmoidoscopy can be used to investigate the cause of bleeding or pain from the back passage. Your doctor may also suggest this test if you have various other bowel related symptoms. The test can also look for evidence of cancer or inflammation of the rectum and lower colon. Sigmoidoscopy can also be used to remove polyps and take samples of tissue.

Occasionally, the sigmoidoscope causes some damage to the rectum or colon. This may cause bleeding, infection and, rarely, perforation of the colon. If any of the following occur within 48 hours after a sigmoidoscopy, consult a doctor immediately:

Severe abdominal pain.
Bloody bowel movements or rectal bleeding.

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