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bowel infections


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bowel infections  Empty bowel infections

Post by Admin on Fri May 15, 2015 11:21 am

A bowel infection is an illness that invade a person’s digestive tract.

The bowel is home to many types of bacteria that do not cause infection. Sometimes, however, harmful bacteria may be present in high enough numbers to cause illness.

When a person has a bowel infection, he may experience rather unpleasant symptoms. For example, a person with this type of infection may develop diarrhea, which are loose, watery stools. In some cases, the bowel movements aren’t loose, but become hard and difficult to move instead. A person may also develop strange-looking bowel movements as a result of a bowel infection. For example, they may be an unusual shape or color.

A bowel infection may also be marked by a certain amount of discomfort. For example, a person may experience bloating and gas along with this type of infection. His abdomen may be distended, and he may have an overall feeling of being unwell. In some cases, a bowel infection is also accompanied by fever or bleeding from the rectum.

Bowel infection symptoms

Fever and chills may also be present with a bowel infection. Many patients may experience diarrhea and nausea with a bowel infection. Symptoms of a bowel infection in infants and toddlers may include irritability and fussiness as well.


Proper treatment depends on the symptoms exhibited and the underlying cause of infection. Antibiotics are generally prescribed in the case of a bacterial infection. A short-term regimen of laxatives may also be advised. When diagnosing bowel disorders, a physician usually takes a medical history and performs a physical exam before deciding whether blood or stool tests are performed.

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