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UK unemployment falls again brag brag brag


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UK unemployment falls again brag brag brag

Post by adelle

UK unemployment falls yet again, looks so very good for a particular party in power when an election is looming.

did 400,000 people suddenly get instant jobs or is there something more behind these staggering falls?

did you know that when a person is sanctioned that they no longer count as unemployed or if they are forced to take up training again they no longer count on the unemployment registers.

in a worrying article today it states 'everyday 100 people with mental health in the UK are been sanctioned.

still not wanting to take my words then follow the link below -

don't forget that it is not just people with mental health been sanctioned many others are following the same worrying path ways.

sanctioned means that a person will receive very little to money to live on!

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