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Jab for incontinence


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Jab for incontinence  Empty Jab for incontinence

Post by bluesheart

ground breaking treatment for incontinence.

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A new ground breaking incontinence treatment is starting to be used by doctors in the UK. This new incontinence treatment consists of jab in the ankle to stimulate a nerve that helps control muscles in the bladder.

More than five million women in England and Wales suffer from urinary incontinence.

The condition affects nearly three times as many women as men, mainly because childbirth is one of the leading causes of some types of incontinence.

A very small needle is inserted a few centimetres above either ankle till it reaches the tibial nerve. The tibial nerve runs from the bottom of the spine to the sole of the foot and is connected to a group of nerves, these nerves are known as the sacral nerves and these nerves control the bladder.

Once the needle is in place, it is connected to a small generator that produces low level electric impulses down the needle along the tibial nerve and then to the sacral nerves in the bladder. The process last for 30 minutes and has to be done only once a week for 12 weeks.

Stimulating the tibial nerve to restore bladder problems is well known technique amongst many urologists but till now the only way to reach the tibial nerve was by operation and implanting a small device that was wired to end of the nerves.

This new incontinence treat is much lower risk and has proven to be very effective
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